Gun Safety

I am now calling it "Gun Safety," not "Gun Control" (my thanks to James Fallows for the suggestion). I want guns to be safer for those who use them and those who don't. I suspect most of the 6 and 7 year olds at Sandy Hook Elementary do not use guns; guns, however, need to be safer for them. 

And we need to deal with all sorts of safety issues including the mental health of owners, the safety of guns in the homes, the ability to track stolen guns and the ability to limit accidental shootings through better designs. Certainly some types of guns need to be outlawed for private possession.

Yes, I mean outlawed. There is no place for automatic or semi-automatic rifles in our society. I think there should be a generous buy back program for automatic weapons "in the wild." 

We are not going to fix everything at once. We do, however, need to start.