Coordination of Medical Care

I have a couple of medical things going on right now and I realize what a more integrated system could do for me.

When I was younger, I usually (and fortunately rarely) dealt with only one medical thing at a time. As I get older, I realize I will be handling more with different parts (heart, GI, kidney, etc.) each with its own specialist.

While my doctors shared some notes and always copied each other, I would have felt better if there had been even a short quick conference (telephone, video) about my case just to make sure that the order and priority of treatment was appropriate. I feel like I was making the decision based on my conversations and didn't have a great sense that the doctors talked about it (because they didn't; I was relaying the info)... 

I gather a more coordinated care is something that the Mayo clinic does and something that would be pretty attractive to me right now.