Using an IOS App Called Drafts

I have started using a cool IOS app called Drafts. You type little snipers of text and, using a series of either actions that are provided or that you can put together, you can use the text in different ways. For example, you can send some text to twitter or append it to a file, or send it to a app like Omnifocus as an action.

I wanted to keep a file that tracks my blood pressure so I created an action that prepends it (adds it to the beginning of a file with a date) where I track my blood pressure. 

I enter "125/88", select the "Add to BP Tracking Action from drop down list and "2/10/13, 6:53pm - 125/88" is added to the beginning of the text file, BP Tracking in my Dropbox. I can open that file with any app that can read a text file in Dropbox from my mac or anywhere I can access my Dropbox. 

I also created a similar action that tracks when I take medicine. This isn't so much for regular prescriptions; I use it when I am sick and want to remember the last time I took Tylenol or Ibuprofen so I know when I can take it again. Great for a sick wife or a sick kid to make sure they get the relief at the right time (not too early and not too late).

I have Drafts and these actions on my iPhone and my iPad. Quick and easy. Drafts is available from Agile Tortoise.